Patan Day Tour |  $100.00

Patan Day Tour

If you are in Nepal, you should not miss out a day tour in Patan -
Patan: Also known as "Lalitpur" - literally the city of fine arts is perhaps a living museum as she still retains her medieval air of the ancient times and almost half the inner city residents are craftsmen in their own right.

Patan was one of the major Buddhist cities in Asia by the 7th century as pilgrims, scholars and monks from India, Tibet and China visited the city. It is said that at one stage the entire population of Patan City was comprised of monks and craftsmen only. The city is full of Hindu temples, Buddhist monuments and structures with bronze gateways, guardian deities and wonderful metal and woodcarvings. In ancient times the ancestors of present day craftsmen were invited to Tibet and as far as Peking to built monasteries, pagodas and images of Buddha and other revered.


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